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Our Nashville-born founder, Randi Crenshaw, drew on her five years of creative marketing experience when she developed the concept for bblgum.


Designed to help businesses stick out, bblgum customizes packages that range from simple ideas and consulting to website design and social media branding. We can even help design your next trade show booth.

After nights and weekends helping friends and colleagues design their resumes, websites, and manage their social media platforms, Randi realized she had a knack for creative marking. These successes inspired her to take the leap and create bblgum in March 2017. Clients now include restaurants, musical artists, and small businesses! 



"I love what I do and I always do more than expected. I take great pride in the quality of my work and expertise. bblgum marketing is woman-owned, managed – and driven by creative passion and marketing talent. bblgum is about relentlessly moving boundaries to design marketing and branding solutions that are innovative and inspiring."

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- Randi Crenshaw


We are a boutique marketing agency and we like to keep it that way. It gives us the agility and speed to deliver big results with efficiency and personality. bblgum is about relentlessly moving boundaries to design marketing and branding solutions that are innovative and inspiring. 



the mission:

We help small businesses and individuals connect with their social media audience by creating a sense of community and building a strong brand they can trust. 


the values:

We know that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Our process is transparent and communicated to our clients on time, online, and on budget. The campaigns we develop can track ROI through online software.


the vision:

Focus on the audience


  •  We put our focus on the needs of our consumers & customers.  

  •  As a company, we stay insatiably curious.

  •  We observe, listen, and learn from the market.


We work smarter and harder (but still do a d*mn good job)


  • We act with urgency while making money moves.

  • Always on our toes to adapt to any changes

  • We think outside the box for your designs and strategies


Act Like Owners


  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and inactions

  • We don't make the same mistake twice

  • Settling for mediocracy = not us.

this is what we live for.

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